Vector Health - Stronger for Longer Christmas 2018 - Our seniors health program

Senior’s Health Programs

So often #TEAMVHAP are asked about what seniors health programs we offer.  Our team always aims to provided unrivalled, individual care to each senior who enters our Gym. The scientific evidence behind training programs for seniors health interventions focuses on the physical and social benefits of exercise. It has been said that the social benefits of exercise …

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Pain and physiotherapy - The Vector Health experience

“No pain no gain” – What should you expect from your Physiotherapy session?

Too often lately I have heard comments like “I was in agony for 3 days so they must have done something!” or “That really hurts but just keep going”. There is unfortunately still a strong belief in the public that you should walk out of a physio consult feeling really sore, but this isn’t necessarily …

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Paediatric Physiotherapy

We are an NDIS provider offering assessment, identification and treatment of paediatric movement and musculoskeletal complications associated with behavioural, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Deficit Disorders.  Paediatric Physiotherapy can benefit children of all ages including the following presentations:  Infants:  Motor developmental delay  Plagiocephaly Positional Talipes Equinovarus Developmental …

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Falls Prevention

1/3 people over 65 fall once a year.   In Australia that’s 1 million a year and with aged percentage due to increase, by 2050 looking at over 2.5 million falls in the aged population costing about 1.5 billion dollars out of the healthcare budget. Falls happen due to a change / deterioration in the …

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