Can you injury-proof yourself for netball?

Did you know? A study conducted to examine ankle sprains in netball found the injury rate for ankle sprains for netball is 1.74/1000 hours of playing or training time.

Have you ever thought about how many hours you might have spent before having an ankle sprain?

So, can you make your body LESS likely to have an ankle sprain?

The answer is YES!!!

Can you do the following tasks successfully? DISCLAIMER: If you have a current or previous injury to your lower limb please be careful with trying the following exercises. If you are in a current program with a medical or allied health professional, please check with them prior to commencing the following exercises: If you experience pain doing any of the exercises please stop and ask us for help!

Balance for 30 seconds with your eyes closed on one leg.

Single leg squat 5 times successfully on each leg

Calf raises – 30-40 each leg without stopping

So, how did you go?

Please post your results and tag Vector Health into your social media channel. Use the hashtag #vectorhealth so we can see how you went?

Give yourself doing the exercises demonstrated every day for 5mins and see how you improve in one week. You will be surprised on how quickly you improve these simple exercises.

We want to inspire a generation of netball athletes who can stay on court for longer, develop skills for longer without injury and therefore improve!

For help with any of the exercises, tests or especially if you have pain with any of the tests, please reach out and lets help you improve your injury risk so you can play more netball, more often at a higher intensity! Please email for help making a time to see one of our performance coaches or allied health professionals to seek help with your performance.

If you want to improve your on-court performance, Vector Health has 12 spots available for a once weekly netball performance program in small groups of 4 with one of our exercise physiologists/physiotherapists. You can claim these sessions on your Private Health cover if you have appropriate cover as well! We offer an Under 12, 13-15 and 16 and over stream for these classes. Registrations commence from 12th April 2021 and the program runs for 6 week blocks from start of Term 2.

The session times are varied throughout the week. If you are over the age of 16yrs you can also have access to our gym out of hours to allow you to do more sessions.

For more information please contact Brittany Bailey, for access to the enrolment form for the program.

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