What is stopping you from succeeding?

I am Glenn Hansen, Owner of Vector Health.  I spend a lot of time coaching my clients’ minds as well as bodies.  It makes for a more satisfying partnership, as what I find is that my clients end up telling me what THEY want rather than me telling them what to do.

I am going to pass on some information that I have personally found very useful in what I do every day.  I hope this helps you become more successful, whether it be in health and fitness or just in every day life.

For the purposes of this article I have focused on your health, fitness and performance aspect of your being though:

In your health, fitness or performance journey, you could classify your journey into different “categories” or factors as such.

Lets say for the purpose of this article, we are going to classify into three main areas of development.

Your Physical

Your Nutrition

Your Mindset or Emotional Health

Your Physical is the work done on your body, so all aspects of physical training to succeed in your chosen endeavour.

Your Nutrition is everything that you put into your body, food, drink and anything else otherwise.

Your Mindset, or Emotional Health relates to your self-confidence, reactions to different stressors and what you think about on daily basis.

There can be two people doing the same training program, eating the same, well prepared nutritional program and one is better than another?  Why?  Well… in the words of Vince Lombardi, one of the greatest coaches of all time, “Winning is a one-time thing, its an all the time thing.”

Teaching young athletes to train is one of the most important parts of what we do as strength and conditioning coaches.  By this, we mean teaching them how to work as hard as they need to and keep a certain intensity alive through growing resilient to training stressors and managing outside stressors from interfering with their journey onto what they really want to do.

So… if you want to get an extra 5-30% increase in your performance, as yourself these questions:

(a) What do you really want?

(b) What will you do to get what you want?

(c)  What is stopping you having what you want right now

(d) What is it going to feel like, look like and sound like when you get what you want?

What do these questions mean?  Well… if someone says to me they want to lose 10kg, then I ask, is there anything more important than just losing 10kg?  10kg as a goal, is not really connected to anything that is emotional.  Humans are driven by their emotions, so we need to drive further down and find the real reason about what they really want. This conversation can go many ways, but much of the time, it ends up sounding something like: “I want to weigh 65kg, so I can be an inspiration to my children, my partner and be able to run around and show my children that being healthy is fun, and the best way to live.  I want this to happen by Christmas 2015”

So now, you have converted a simple 10kg weight loss goal into a powerful statement that really means something to that person.  It ties into their relationship with their children, their partner and talks about being an inspiration to the most important people in this person’s life.  Therefore, you are now driven INTERNALLY rather than externally towards achieving this goal.

So then, the other questions:

What will you do to get what you want?  Draw a stair case.  Put what you really want at the top, and then work backwards to set your self goals, one step at a time.  Some of the goals can be simple processes that need to happen in order for you to lose 10kg.  For example, to give up a certain snack food that you eat, and replace with something healthier, or to complete 5 exercise sessions per week for a certain period of time etc.  The goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Oriented, so each step is a small goal that leads to the ultimate goal that you had set earlier.

For now, that is enough to do.  Can you now go away and focus yourself completely on answering these two questions?


I do specific mindset coaching.  The minimum is a 4 week commitment, where we specifically work on these 4 questions to give you more purpose with your training or whatever purpose you define as part of our coaching process.

So if you want to harness the power of your mind, then you will receive 10% off the price of a 4-week coaching package, usually worth $600.  The sessions are 1 hour in duration and I have 4 packages that I am prepared to discount to help 4 people really focus on your performance and identifying barriers to your success.

To take advantage of this offer please call Vector Health on 4927 8190 or email glenn@vectorhealth.stagingarea.net and we will contact you to arrange your first session.

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