The secret behind starting your next health kick

So many people start and stop a “health kick”.


In my experience here are the top 5 mistakes that people want when they are starting their journey towards better health.

1. Where’s the vision

If a business operates without a clear vision, then they tend to stray off the path.  You are the same when you start a new way of doing things, or change what you have been doing. You have to spend time thinking about what the end of the journey is going to look like.  The first question I ask someone is “what do you want?” as I find this is the most important question and to spend some time getting this right, so that my client can look me in the eye and tell me that their vision is clear now.

2. The staircase

A vision is of the end goal.  But, when setting goals, you have to draw yourself a stair case and work backwards until you get to the first step.  You have to keep looking at the next step up, and just work steadily towards accomplishing the next step forward, rather than trying to go straight for the vision, or dream goal.  Generally, I tell some people to make the stair case progressive, so the first goal might only be 1 week in duration or 1 month, but definitely not longer than 8 weeks when you are starting.

You need to see, feel and notice your success.  And you need to be able to put that success behind you and then work towards taking the next step towards what you really want.

3. Accountability

Accountability is a very personal thing.  Some people love to be reminded of what their goals are, and some people are very good at remembering exactly what they are working on!  So, YOU MUST work this out at the start of your journey and it is likely that the level of accountability you require at the start, will differ greatly along the way to achieving what you want.  Some simple suggestions to make yourself accountable are:

(a) Scorecards – completed daily or weekly. Outline what the key parts to succeeding are and mark these off. For example, if you really want to run 5km in 6 months, then you might first start by walking for 30mins x 3 times per week for 1 month to get started.  So, marking this achievement off, means that you might go to the next level, which might be to run/walk for 30mins x 3 times per week for another 2 weeks.

(b) Telling someone you trust what your goals are and how they can help you achieve them.

4. Too many balls in the court

Don’t try to change too many things at once.  To many people try to change their nutrition, exercise habits and their mindset all at once and find that it is just too hard and stop!  So, pick the first change that is relevant to the goals you had set.  For example, if you want to lose 10kg, then maybe the best thing you can do is to get your nutrition in line first, as this is a much higher proportion of a successful weight loss than exercise normally.

5. Belief

If you choose to find someone to work with you, then you MUST believe that this person believes in your vision and what you are capable of.  If you are struggling to change, and you have someone who is doubting you, then get rid of that person really fast and find someone who is going to believe in you, and inspire you to push through when the going gets tough.  Over time, as you succeed over and over again, you will start to believe that you can do, rather than worry about what you cannot do.

Vector Health creates transformation of people, by never stopping.  We accept that not everything will go perfectly to plan.  We accept that life does get in the way.  But, we also accept that a small positive change repeated over and over again, is better than doing nothing to help yourself, and it is better than a massive positive change followed by continual stoppages, and negative turns.

We have a new 21 Day Easter Challenge starting on 4th May and concluding on Easter Thursday!  So, get in shape for Easter, make a positive change and see the benefits!  Register HERE to organise your 1-1 consultation with one of our team, who are ready to help you set and achieve your 21 day Health and Fitness goal!


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