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New Graduate Program

Vector Health recognizes the significant achievement of completing your degree and understands the challenging transition into a professional career. Our New Graduate Program is built on three fundamental pillars:
– Support
– Education
– Accountability



After running this program over the last few years and having several new graduates through our doors, we have learnt about how we can best support you at this stage. This being through longer appointment times, 1-1 meetings with senior Physios to discuss clients, ability to do future learning, feedback when needed, and staff that care and will help work with you as you transition into your full-time role. Coming to work with passion for what you do every day is what we aspire for your career.




Education can come in many different forms in the workplace. This may be formal in a meeting where we can answer any questions you may have and be able to ask you about how you are travelling. Or it may be informal where we discuss things on a whim in clinic or in passing about a client or an idea you may have had. We do offer paid for further education in your second year out, this allows you to get a handle on the basics over your first year before adding other elements like dry needling or specialty courses.




Accountability comes in the form of us making sure you are performing at your best and giving the best service to your clients. This flows from all the above education, meetings, diary scheduling and more. We are wanting you to be completing all your tasks each day like notes, reports, housekeeping of your diary and workspace. Without someone giving you motivation it can be easy to fall into being complacent which is not ideal for Physiotherapy which is such an ever growing ever learning career!

So, who are we looking for?

We look for people who have passion and care for helping people. Someone who wants to learn how to deliver consistency in results and have the capacity to learn and adapt quickly. Above all, people who want to live our values like they are your own and someone who wants to be a part of a motivated, care-centered and result focused team environment.

What Our Clinicians Say

One reason I was inclined to work at Vector was because I knew that there were clinicians at the practice that specialised in my area of interest for me to learn from, salary was above average for a private practice and advertisement of structured mentoring program. I love that there are good team relationships with the ability to be comfortable and relaxed, while maintaining professionalism. Varied interests throughout the clinicians – not just sports/MSK but a wide array of areas. If someone would like the opportunity to work across multiple locations, pursue special interests and bring variety and knowledge to a team of eager individuals. 

Ainsley – Physiotherapist

What brought me to Vector initially was the welcoming and friendly nature of the team. I found my short Uni placement time here a very positive experience where I experienced and learnt a wide variety of things, which drew me in. I enjoyed the team members here and the kind of work that occurred at VHP. I felt as well that I was a step ahead of the game regarding getting a job after graduating. 
I like how we are all easy going and enjoy our workplace. I think we all strive to work hard but also to try and enjoy each other’s company and make our workdays more enjoyable. There is great opportunity here if you are willing to put in the work to make it happen, with this there is good support and encouragement to do that. I think someone should want to work here at VHP to experience a wide variety of clientele, be in a large but also spread team environment, with people who like a good work-life balance, easy going and good communicators, and enjoy being part of a team. 

Lachlan – Exercise Physiologist

I had been involved in Vector Health whilst I was still completely my Uni degree, both as a patient and through physio friends that were working within the business already. It’s hard to describe the “feel” of this place. The people are warm and genuine, caring, and compassionate, and have the drive and dedication to help make people’s lives a little bit better. I instantly felt drawn to that energy and inspired and knew that I wanted to be a part of that as well. 
I accepted my offer to Vector Health because I knew I wanted to a part of this team and this environment. I really liked that my new grad contract was a 2-year contract, which felt like it gave me the stability and time to grow as a clinician during this. Both in-house and external PD support and funding is made available to each person, which allows everyone to spread their wings, and go and seek more knowledge and answers in their areas of interest. Coming to work and getting the opportunity to work alongside like-minded, caring people is what makes me come to work every day. We work hard for our patients, but we also work hard for each other, have each other’s backs and are all committed to delivering exceptional and compassionate care to our patients. Being in a positive environment like that is a pleasure and a privilege. 
Whether you’re just starting out as a physio or have some years of experience under your belt, the wide variety of physiotherapy care that we offer at Vector Health means there is something for everyone. Whether it be neuro rehab, cardiorespiratory, women’s and men’s health, geriatrics, aediatrics, sports, orthopaedic rehab just to name a few. There are so many domains that we cover which means that it challenges you as a clinician to work across the board, but also gives great variety and input into different areas.

Courtney – Physiotherapist

If you are interested in applying for our New Grad Program, then please send through your resume and a cover letter answering these questions below to Kate Dyne, Operations Manager, and Miche Hansen, Co-Owner and Principal Physiotherapist or Glenn Hansen, Co-Owner and Head Coach.

What drew you into Vector Health?
How do you see yourself working within our values?
How do you see overall care when it comes to your patients?
What is a memorable moment in your Placement?

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