Athlete Development

Creating the next generation of athletes

Athlete Development in Rockhampton at Vector Health & Performance has helped more than 5000 athletes of different ages, sports and goals to improve their performance, decrease injury risk and to increase enjoyment in your chosen sport/s.

Strength and Conditoning, or Athlete Development is about a Long-Term-Athletic-Development or LTAD for short. What this means is having a vision and a plan to achieve longevity in performance and health in your chosen sport.

The way Vector Health helps with Athlete Development is to identify the areas of improvement that will relate to general athletic performance firstly, such as the ability to run, jump, stop, turn or change direction, move through an acceptable range of motion.

Our core values of being Non-Judgemental, demonstrating a Positive Attitude, Excellence and making Results-Matter are the core of our athletic development programs.

Our programs are progressive in nature with a focus on quality of movement over quantity of work done.

Our programs have helped a range of athletes in different sports improve in a range of different physical aspects including core strength, strength and power, speed, fitness and flexibility or mobility.

Our programs are designed to help each athlete with your specific goals and any problems you are facing so you can be assured of being individually cared for, no matter whether you are training as an 8, 20, 40 or 60 year old!

For more information about how we can help improve your performance please contact us to book an appointment on 4927 8190.


Specific Junior Athletic Programs:

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