Why should I quit smoking?


• Reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease
• Reduce the risk of strokes
• Reduce the risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, and lungs
• Moving will feel easier (greater exercise capacity)
• Greater energy levels
• Skin will look younger
• Teeth will be whiter
• Be a role model for good health and habits
• Financially beneficial

Tips to quit

1. Understand your addiction to nicotine 

Know the common symptoms of craving nicotine. Understand you may feel irritable and anxious trying to quit. Know that nicotine addiction is similar to addiction to cocaine or heroin. 

2. Identify why you smoke 

Is it an addiction, for pleasure, social pressure, emotional regulation, or a bad habit? Keep a smoking record to learn about your addiction habits. What the occasion for smoking was, date and time, mood, how bad you needed it (1 being could have done without it, 5 being you’d kill for it), and what you did (e.g., smoked or went for a walk). 

3. Plan ways to cope with quitting 

Find alternative outcomes other than smoking when in specific situations or moods that work in reducing cravings. Talk to someone to help you (e.g., a friend, family, Quitline service, your GP). 

4. Pick a reason to quit and a date to quit by 

Hold yourself accountable. Set goals to achieve. Find yourself motivation to quit. 

quit smoking

Quitting can be very difficult, and many people struggle. It is important to lay out a process and have a strong support network to help you through it. Regardless of age, quitting can prolong your life and increase your quality of life.

For further info go to: https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/smoking-and-tobacco/how-to-quit-smoking

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