Why do we test you

Why do we test?

1. Provide objective feedback at the start, during and the end of a training cycle.

2. Where necessary, provide feedback that helps benchmark against athletes that you are going to compete against.

At Vector Health, we test in two ways. We test objectively, so measures such as vertical jump, speed, agility, absolute strength and endurance.  Depending on your goals, and current fitness level depends on what tests we will perform with a client or athlete.

The second way we test is subjectively, meaning we examine the way you move.  It is well documented that by improving your biomechanical efficiency, you will improve your physical performance AND decrease your chance of injury.

Our system is based around looking at a mobility and stability continuum and we analyse your movement to determine your mobility and stability at certain joints and provide assessment on what you are lacking and what you have too much of.

For example, a client who lacks in hip mobility, will most likely have too much mobility in the lumbar spine, and then not enough mobility at the thoracic spine level.  Every level with a problem will lead to issues at the level above and below the site of injury or concern.  This is why testing is critical, to find these areas of concern and work on them, to help improve your objective test scores and therefore improve your physical performance.  This should be done, no matter what your goals are as our ultimate goal is to have fitter, healthier clients!

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