What we do in the Antenatal Program | Chloe Petith

Is your back aching? Can you start to feel your pelvis widening? Are you getting swelling down your legs? If so, then we can help you guys!

These classes are brilliant as you can exercise in a safe manner – especially if you have any pre-existing pains or discomforts that come along with being pregnant (lower back pain, thoracic pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, ect).
– Pelvic girdle pain:
– Lumbosacral pain
– Sacroiliac joint dysfunction/pain
– Pubic symphysis dysfunction/pain
– Discogenic pain
– Hip pathology
– Oedema (swelling)
– Peripheral nerve compression
– Vascular compression

Our Antenatal Program is run under a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist to maintain safety in the classes. You will receive an initial consultation with one of the women’s health interests physios and in the consult we do a full body assessment with you and then we prescribe very individualized exercises within your program that we will fit into the classes as well. These classes aren’t just a general exercise class one box fits all, everyone will have individualized exercises to help you throughout your pregnancy!

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