Walking up the stairs should NOT be this hard

Have you noticed lately that doing “normal” activities like walking up stairs, and just getting up and down is getting harder?

With 1 in 3 Australians said to be overweight, and our lifestyles becoming more sedentary, we have almost forgotten how to exercise.   

My dream is to help Australia be fitter than any other country.  We have all the resources, we have hands down the best education system for health and fitness professionals in this country, but still one of the fattest and unfittest populations in the developed world.

Its just unacceptable.

So, if you are struggling to get up stairs, to get up and down, to walk or run around without getting overly puffed, then PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Your health is not important until you really need it, or it does not work for you anymore.

We see many people in our practice at Vector Health who have been told that its either get healthier, or die early. We see people who have let their health go so far that it takes a long time to get a result, and its really upsetting to see them be upset about how unfit they are.

We take what we do personally.  We are passionate about what you look, feel like and especially what you are capable of.  Please take your health personally and make sure you are doing something about making sure you do not get told that “sorry there is nothing we can do.”

So, what can you do for your health that is scientifically demonstrated to be good for you?

  1. Walking: 20mins a day has been demonstrated to be beneficial for your health. 
  2. Simple resistance training.  Please click HERE for a resistance-training program.

If you do nothing else but walk 5 times a week, and do 2 resistance-training days then you will feel the benefits of this.

Please ask for help. There are countless health and fitness professionals around that are only too happy to offer our professional guidance to people who are at risk of losing your health. 


Click HERE to gain access to a FREE mindset coaching session at Vector Health. 

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