Waking up with a sore neck?


Are you waking up with a sore neck? Feeling restless throughout the neck? Bad mood following this interferring with your day? We can help!

Lauren Kloppers, one of our Physiotherapists here at Vector Health, talks us through why you may be experiencing this!

Some important points to remember is:
– Pillows greatly effect your sleep, your head is on this all night is if it isn’t the right fit it can cause your neck pain!
– Same goes for your mattress this is something you should invest in for a great nights sleep, making sure it compliments your body as everyone is unique can benifit you greatly
– Your daily posture can impact your sleep patterns too, things like sloutching over your desk or having a stress load can all effect your neck!

Book in with one of our Physios and see what we can do to help relieve your neck pain and get you resting better!

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