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Senior’s Health Programs

So often #TEAMVHAP are asked about what seniors health programs we offer. 

Our team always aims to provided unrivalled, individual care to each senior who enters our Gym.

The scientific evidence behind training programs for seniors health interventions focuses on the physical and social benefits of exercise. It has been said that the social benefits of exercise as you grow older become just as important as the physical benefits of exercise.

So how does #VHAP incorporate unrivalled individual care with social exercise benefits? 

Our programs are run a little differently to many other seniors health programs. For those who have not heard about our programs continue reading! 

Our seniors health program is known as… “Stronger for Longer”

Stronger for Longer has been running for more than 6 years and has changed the lives of over 300 seniors in the Rockhampton region. We have a number of members now who have trained in this program for more than 5 years.

How can someone take part in stronger for longer and what are the benefits? 

1. Initial consult is required with our Exercise Physiologist – who will design an individualised program for your required goals. 

Our Exercise Physiologists go to university to learn how to help people exactly like you. Whether you have never done exercise in your life, but just a manual job and you now are noticing you are putting on weight or losing physical capacity, or whether you have a cardiac, respiratory or musculoskeletal illness or injury and you need specific guidance to exercise, this program can help you.

Private health rebates may apply to the initial consult with our Ex Phys or we also accept EPC Plans from doctors for chronic health conditions. Gap costs may apply. 

2. You choose which days you would like to attend our Stronger for Longer sessions. (Monthly Membership $55.00 or per sessions cost $7.50)

These sessions run Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 9.30am. The first half of the session will have you working through your individual program – alongside other seniors working through theirs. The second half of the session will see you joining together as a group and working through a senior focused exercise circuit. 

3. Our class is supervised by a variety of Sport Science Coaches, Exercise Physiologists and physiotherapists with the program comprising of three main sections:

*Cardio-respiratory fitness improvement
*Resistance Training to assist bone remodelling and strength improvement/maintenance
*Falls prevention work to help prevent injuries.

4. There is a morning tea held by members at the last week of every month to help everyone get to know each other and to celebrate the achievements of the month.

The program has helped many people achieve a better quality of life and improve their health and fitness. 

If this program sounds good to you or for someone you know then please get in contact with our team today – we would love to hear from you and see how we can help improve another persons quality of life! 

Click here or

Phone: 49 278 190

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