Learn how to “do” gym for teenage athletes – Xmas Holidays 2021-22


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Injuries to adolescents in the gymnasium often relate to safety behaviour.  Our “Learn how to do gym for Teenagers” goes over 3 key areas: Our Rockhampton Gym at 102 William Street is perfect for your child to learn how to “do gym” given our long history with training young people.

  1. Safety in the gym. How to utilise equipment especially.
  2. Technical Competency – teaching the basic exercises and how to do them well.
  3. Programming – how to achieve your goals in the gym.

The clinic is 4 hours in duration. It is jam packed with information, that is mostly practical in nature.

With this program, all participants receive entry to the clinic, a 1 month gym membership at Vector Health & Performance and a program on our Training App, Train Heroic to follow for that month to get them started.

It is a perfect Christmas present.


  • Minimum age 14yrs (16 and over can receive an access card for click in and out access to the gym outside of staffed hours).

The clinics are held with no more than 10 participants in each group, starting in December 2021 and continuing through to January 2022.

Your child does not need to identify as an athlete.  We want your child or teenager to feel like the gym is for anyone.  Strength and fitness training is progressive in nature and should be for everyone.

For any enquires you can call 4927 8190.


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