Cancer Rehabilitation


‘Cancer Rehabilitation provides so many benefits to people affected by cancer.’

It reduces unnecessary disability, loss of function, and helps people return to work and productive lives. However, the frailty of patients, co-morbid conditions, multiple medications, side effects of cancer treatments, and a host of other factors contribute to making this one of the most medically complex populations that physiotherapists and occupational therapists treat.

Pinc and steel 

What is Cancer?
Cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. 

Cancer is not just one disease but many diseases. Most cancers are named for the organ or type of cell I which they start. 

What is PINC and STEEL?
P= Physiotherapists that deliver the program 
I= Individual sessions
N= Nurturing to reclaim quality of life
C= Cancer rehabilitation

‘ Pinc and Steel International is very passionate about providing the best possible service to women and men with cancer. 

No hospital sends a stroke patient home without a detailed plan to help them regain as much of their normal functioning as possible. Yet cancer patients are routinely released with minimal or no guidance on how to deal with the impairments that may linger after their treatment is done.

Research shows that cancer rehabilitation can help people reduce disability and improve their functioning, yet too few cancer patients get such care. 

At Pinc and Steel International we believe that rehabilitation programs are probably the single most underappreciated service among cancer survivors right now because many survivors just don’t know about them. Unless a doctor initiates a referral, many patients don’t know to ask. ‘

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