How can a Musculoskeletal Therapist help Migraines?

What causes Migraines?

Migraines are a tricky issue in the body. There are many differing reasons for developing migraines from tightened soft tissues, to nerve impingements to hormone imbalances, to food intolerances. Often, Migraines are the culmination of a combination of issues within the body.

What can we do?

Techniques that I employ to help with migraines involve a lot of soft tissue release (Trigger Point Therapy, Massage, Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping) and the correction of motion in restricted joints within the cervical region (Passive Stretching, Joint Mobilisations, Muscle Energy Techniques). Many people have postural issues that add to the presence of restrictions within the structures of the neck. Postural muscles deep within the neck often become overworked with the typical forward shouldered position and in turn will become tightened, sore and weak. The outer muscles then become overworked which leads to tightness, soreness and shortened positions. Releasing these muscles and creating better motion within the vertebra can go a long way to helping reduce the severity and frequency of Migraines. 

These days technology is a vital part of our society. The postures adopted while using the technology however are not. By focussing on your posture at the computer desk or while using your phone/tablet you can start to reduce the impact of this on your pain levels. 

Treating the thoracic region is also a key to helping issues related to Migraines. By releasing tight sore muscles and reactivating the postural muscles to create better posture helps to take pressure off the neck and create a better base for support. Basic stretching and reactivation of postural muscles helps you to control your pain at home or at the office. 

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