Meet Aaron

I have had experience working with various people including disability work with the Disabled Wintersport Australia teaching people how to shred the slopes through adaptive skiing and snowboarding, along with fixing those who end up shredding a little too hard and end up second best with the slopes result in consultations with orthopedic surgeons- age is no limit! 

Growing up closely with my 2 brothers there was always a bit of healthy competition for the sports we were involved in including state-level soccer, futsal, athletics, regional swimming, and rugby union as well as high-level wakeboarding and wake-skating. This ultimately led to a lot of time in physio growing up where I had a good chance to learn the profession before leaving school. My passion for the sport has carried over into my professional career and I love to treat those actively involved in any sport, or have had to give up the sport because of injury- let me help you return to the sport! 

Outside of work, you find my trying to chase any sort of adrenaline/adventure rush, and in my down time I’m trying to cook up a storm with new and exciting recipes (keyword there is trying…)

Physio has been such an enjoyable experience for me so far being with it bringing new and wonderful experiences, one being what I consider my best achievement, my final year of study I lived out my VW T3 Trakka traveling up and down the east coast ranging for 40+ degrees by the coast to -10 down in the Victoria ski fields. 

Since moving to the Capricorn coast recently the Keppel islands have become a big wonder for me and my goal for the year to be able to paddle out to the islands and back in my new kayak- any tips and training tips from you experienced yakers would be greatly appreciated!

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