Manual Handling

Vector Health customises each manual handling training package to suit your workplace.  We have delivered to a number of workplaces from small to large businesses with high engagement from participants and strong positive feedback on the experience of participants in the manual handling training. 

Our Manual Handling Training package includes: 

  1. Assessment if possible via face-to-face visit or video conference. This is to establish the working relationship with the person responsible for the implementation of the manual handling program in the workplace.  We like to understand the frequency and type of injury patterns both work and non-work related.  We will ask for information regarding manual handling patterns that exist in your workplace to help us with our programming for your workers. 
  • Development of the program for your workplace. This is comprised of three distinct areas: 
  1. Self-care and Therapeutic exercise management to help improve fitness for work 
    1. Explanation verbally and demonstration of lifting patterns that are optimal and what should be corrected.
    1. Practical assessment and feedback provided on each individual in the session to help each participant walk away with something specific to be aware of whilst lifting in the workplace. 
  2. Delivery of the Program. This can be either as a video educational module or a face-to-face delivery at a workplace or at our facility in Rockhampton or another designated facility.  Group sizes, length of presentation is something generally discussed in the initial meeting. 
  • Assessment and Feedback – end of session each participant required to complete an assessment to confirm learning and provide feedback to assist us to work with you as the client on how to constantly improve our delivery and the program we have presented.
  • Review Process
  1. After seeing all employees designated for manual handling training, we like to schedule a meeting to discuss the implementation of the manual handling training program. 

We work with manual handing with one purpose.  This is to reduce risk of injury both short and long-term. 

Manual Handling Training that Vector Health delivers is designed to educate workers about the care they can take of their body to preserve longevity in their chosen profession or job role.  This is what we consider our unique point of difference when it comes to designing and delivering Manual Handling Training in the workplace. 

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