Maddi Law

Exercise Physiologist

Professional History:

Hello there! Maddison Law is the name, I joined the Vector Health and Performance Team in 2022 as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. So how did I end up here? Let’s rewind the clock! Growing up I have always been passionate and involved in recreational physical activity; Soccer, Touch Football, Tennis, Australian Rules Football and Touch Rugby League to list a few. With this passion, I enrolled and graduated [2019] with a Bachelor in Sports and Exercise Science at the Queensland University  of Technology [QUT] in Brisbane. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, I continued my studies by enrolling and graduating [2021] with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology once again at the Queensland University of Technology [QUT]. It was here I fell in-love with the role and impact us Exercise Physiologists can have on individuals at-risk or diagnosed with various chronic health diseases and conditions.

In 2021, I was granted the rare opportunity to undertake over 900 hours of clinical experience, with Vector Health and Performance [VHP] being one of the incredible sites I attended.  Whilst completing student practicum at VHP I developed my knowledge and ability to implement efficacious patient-centered care. With my prior experience at VHP, I am very excited and highly motivated to engage with the familiar faces and welcome our new clients into the family! In addition to VHP, notably I completed 300 hours of experience at one of Rockhampton’s leading Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinics.

I look forward to implementing my knowledge and skill-set in aiding you to achieve your health goals and aspirations; no matter the size!

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