Mac Menzie Weightlifting Comp Results

This weekend was a big one for Vector Health, with Glenn traveling to Brisbane to help Mac Menzies compete in his first-ever Powerlifting Competition at Brisbane North Barbell. It happened to be the National Powerlifting Championships for Powerlifting Australia, no pressure! Mac performed exceptionally well, so proud of the way he held his nerve and engaged in his competition plan and what happened on the day.

His lifts were a 140kg Squat, 113kg Bench Press, and a 180kg Deadlift at 68.45kg bodyweight. Pretty impressive! 8 from 9 lifts completed with only 1 lift called out due to technical mistake, which was very good! He won his division on the day, however, we have to wait now until all other states’ upload their results from competitions on the weekend to see how he fared against other competition across Australia, this being the first time a remote styled national championship has been held due to COVID.

A great performance mate, for the first competition it sets you up for some great performances in the future. The next competition is on the 16th of December 2020. Looking forward to seeing more improvements this term from Mac now that the first competition is all done! #powerlifting#teamvhap#vectorhealth

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