Find out how in 21 Days you can feel fitter and transform your body

Did you know that the average person in Australia puts on 0.8 to 1.2kg over the Festive season?  That must not sound like much, but this weight often ends up around your waistline, which will DEFINITELY increase your chance of having a heart attack or developing diabetes.

At Christmas, parties, functions and just the temptation to sit down and consume a lot more food and alcohol than normal is an all-too-familiar site in Australia.  The problem with now, is that many of us are already over weight, unhappy and drink too much during the whole year as well, so really, its not that different any more to an average weekend!

I am putting out a challenge to people and I am offering a platform in which to significantly help your ability to not put on that weight over Christmas.  I will offer 21 people the following offer:


1. A FREE Group Exercise Session per week from 28 November to the first week of the New Year Period!  This is worth $20 per week alone – and total value is $120.

2. A discounted price if you want to do more sessions of $129 for the period between 28 November and 3 January 2015!  This is worth approximately $275.00 on its own!

Our 21 day Christmas Challenge special 1 x week offer is only valid until 16th November so get in quick to secure your place!

You can benefit even from once per week exercise session.  You can improve yourself based on 5 mins at a time according to a research study that is referenced here!!!

Vector Health’s group training sessions are specifically designed to be scaled for people who are fitter and not as fit.  They work on a scaled basis and so anyone is welcome to start with us!

All challengers will receive education sessions complimentary as part of the session!

If you click on our registration link HERE to sign up your interest we will contact you to organise your challenge experience!

So… what are you waiting for.  Start your 2016 now with an awesome 21 days of fun, education and group training at Vector Health!




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