Falls Prevention exercises are included in our over 50’s Program!

Here at Vector Health, we are big on keeping people’s independence for as long as possible. Whether that is their balance and ability to make it up and down the stairs or safely get onto the floor and back up. Making sure to incorporate exercises and stretches that aid in fall prevention allows us to maintain or improve your balance and set you up for any situation you may encounter in your daily lives.

It’s no secret that as we get older, our balance is affected. We see many patients come in having a fear of falling and not getting up off the floor safely, a fear of losing their balance and losing their independence. You can improve your balance and improve your functional independence by coming to our Stronger for Longer Classes! Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists design these classes with cardiovascular health in mind, physical well-being and balance.

Some examples of exercises that we do within the class include learning to safely get down to the floor and get back up safely. All our exercises are specifically chosen with your activities of daily living in mind; for example, step-ups mimic stepping up and down the stairs. We do exercises with single-leg balance and add weights, so if we’re walking holding a weight on one side, this can mimic walking in from the car with your groceries and feeling strong and confident while we’re doing that. If you have grandchildren, the exercises chosen in our classes allow you to keep up running with them, getting off the floor and up and down with them.

Suppose you feel like you’re a little bit off-balance, or you’re having a couple of stumbles during the day. Book in, and we will have an initial consultation and go over your goals and try and make you feel as confident as possible in your daily living.

Jamie Saunders – Exercise physiologist

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