Weight Loss – Restart Your Life

Are you overweight, stressed, frustrated and upset at the way you feel, look or what you can or cannot do?


Weight loss programs, not mentioning any names give this beautiful concept of losing 50kg in 3 months and then give you nothing on what usually happens afterwards.  The mostly likely thing to happen after a rapid weight loss is a trend to put the weight back on and put on more than you lost.

If you are ready to change your mindset and health behaviours, then this program is for you.

The Restart your life weight loss program is an 18-week program which looks at making small behaviour changes over time to help lose weight and help make these changes long term. The program is conducted by an accredited Exercise Physiologist and all components of the program are research-based and made individual for each member.

A huge difference between what we are offering with our program compared to a rapid 8-week program is the longevity and individualisation of the program. Our goal is to help you understand what you have to do help achieve a healthy weight instead of doing it all for you. This is crucial to ensure that when you finish the program you can take everything you have learnt and continue these practices for the rest of your life

Classes include: 

  1. Structured resistance training focusing on putting your body in the best position possible to burn the most amount of calories in a session.
  2. Boxing – HIIT sessions – great fun, interactive and good for stress relief!
  3. Pilates/Floor mobility work – recovery session to work out the kinks and sore spots from the hard work you are doing!
  4. Specific component per week of education and discussion around managing calorie intake. Weight loss is all about what you eat, or don’t eat for a period of time.  We MUST spend time discussing your actions and helping you to plan for the upcoming week.

What do our Members say about the Restart your Life program?


“My girlfriend and I always have walked at least 5 km a day in the early hours of the morning.  She was lucky enough to be going on an eight week trek to the USA, not wanting to go this long without any form of exercise, I started asking co-workers what they did for exercise and where as a general conversation, one of my co-workers directed me to the Facebook post for Vector and the Restart your life, which she was about to start.  As my children already attend the Junior Athlete Program, I was excited to join.  Zac provided a one on one session to do the ‘scary bits’ (Weight, measurements and general movement). 

A gentle approach was taken to our first week or so, allowing us to ‘get moving’ again and also training our mind set on the possibilities that we could run, squat, lift…  Assistance with Menu choices and advice was given, once tracking my food and getting over the ‘wow’ factor of some of my food choices (buy, buy Red Rooster Roll & chips). The only time consuming part of using the app was entering the recipes, but now it’s a breeze.

Goal setting was difficult to start with in the early stages, but breaking down to smaller goals became easier to achieve my ultimate goal – “Fit, Fabulous, before I was 50”. 

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of this program, yes, even the running.  My fitness levels are improving with every session, slowly getting flexibility back and I am feeling ‘Fabulous’, my skin and hair is even looking better because of the overall changes I have made.  Mentally and physically I am able to cope better with some of life’s challenges.  While I thought I was in ‘okay’ shape, I feel 1000 times better for being part of this program, I have and would recommend ‘Restart’ to anyone wishing to make significant changes or just to feel better about themselves.  At no time did I feel intimidated or judged by participants in the program or trainers, I only ever received encouragement.”


So, be FREE of worry about your weight.

Make a change and RESTART YOUR LIFE for the rest of your life now!

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