Seniors Health Program

“Stronger for Longer”

Stronger for Longer has been running for more than 6 years and has changed the lives of over 300 seniors in the Rockhampton region. We have a number of members now who have trained in this program for more than 5 years.

The scientific evidence behind training programs for seniors health interventions focuses on the physical and social benefits of exercise. It has been said that the social benefits of exercise as you grow older become just as important as the physical benefits of exercise.

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Our Exercise Physiologists go to university to learn how to help people exactly like you. Whether you have never done exercise in your life, but just a manual job and you now are noticing you are putting on weight or losing physical capacity, or whether you have a cardiac, respiratory or musculoskeletal illness or injury and you need specific guidance to exercise, this program can help you.

Our class is supervised by a variety of Sport Science Coaches, Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists with the program comprising of three main sections:

  • Cardio-respiratory fitness improvement
  • Resistance Training to assist bone remodelling and strength improvement/maintenance
  • Falls prevention work to help prevent injuries.

There is a morning tea held by members at the last week of every month to help everyone get to know each other and to celebrate the achievements of the month.

The program has helped many people achieve a better quality of life and improve their health and fitness.

You do not need a referral however an Initial Consult is required with our Exercise Physiologist – who will design an individualised program for your required goals. Private health rebates may apply to the initial consult with our Ex Phys or we also accept EPC Plans from doctors for chronic health conditions. Gap costs may apply.

Sometimes we may send your doctor information about your participation in the program to help their treatment plan of any illness or injury you are suffering from.

This program is fantastic for anyone over the age of 50, and is for men and women. The class runs Monday to Friday in the morning from 8:30am for one hour and includes a program to complete to help you improve aerobic fitness, strength and a half hour group balance circuit at the end of each class. You are welcome to also use the gym on other days from 9am till 2pm. The only reason we say use the gym in those times is that we train a lot of younger athletes and if you are compromised in balance, we have just found it safer to exercise in those times.

What are costs of the program?

  • Initial Consult with Exercise Physiologist $75.00
    (Private Health / EPC Chronic Care Plans may apply where a gap cost will only be charged.)
  • $55 per month
    Supervised exercise classes 5 x weekly
    Access to gym other times.
  • $7.50 Per Session (casual pass)

Please call 4927 8190 to arrange a time to come in and start the Program!

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