Effect of Pregnancy on the Pelvic Floor | Chloe Petith

A number of factors contribute to weakening of the pelvic floor during pregnancy:
1. Hormonal changes cause the pelvic floor (muscles and tissues) to soften and stretch;
2. Weight gain;
3. Straining with constipation; and
4. Inappropriate pregnancy and postnatal exercises such as intense core abdominal exercises and high impact exercise (e.g. jogging).

Benefits of Pelvic Exercises for Pregnancy and Beyond Pelvic floor exercises for pregnancy help you in a number of ways including to:
• Counteract progressive stretching and weakening of the pelvic floor;
• Improve bladder control during and after pregnancy;
• Minimise the risk of long-term pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence and prolapse); and
• Improve the ability to relax the pelvic floor muscles during 2nd stage of labour with better pelvic floor muscles awareness.
So with all these benefits to pelvic floor exercises we have included them in our exercise class where we’ll be doing specific and tailored pelvic floor exercising and we’ll also educate you guys on how to do it at home.

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