Athlete Development

Junior Athletic Development Classes 2020


Beginner to Intermediate Level

Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 3:30pm are for our beginners and Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6am and 6:45am are for our more advanced juniors.  This program is a group program with a set term based program, that focuses on building the three main parts of our development structure in children from 8-15 years of age:

Nearly all exercises are with own bodyweight, our focus here is on building core strength, movement through the basic primal movement patterns such as squat, crawl, push up, jumping and landing and running technique.

  1. Learning how to Train
  2. Learning the right technique and doing the basics at a high level
  3. We drive the competency based progression model through this program to encourage children to talk to their coach about when they can increase intensity or exercise complexity.

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Performance Based Program

Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This class provides individual programming for each child.  Ages here vary as it depends on whether the child has demonstrated competency in following a program, and their maturity in a group training environment and ability to self-motivate somewhat.  This program focuses on each person as an individual, targeting strengths and weaknesses of each athlete and encouraging them to push themselves with the technique application and doing the basics at a high level.  It is similar in structure and environment to a high performance training environment and we find this program sees some great results due to the competitive yet supportive environment it creates.

Running and Sprint/Agility Training Program

This program is producing fantastic results across our team of athletes.  So far, it has produced massive differences in fitness, speed and agility across multiple athletes.  This program is from ages of 12 to open ages.

Our Athletic Development and Performance programs work with athletes progressing through their technique, movement quality and objective strength, power, speed and fitness measures. An example of a progression is Zach Shanks, one of our featured athletes at Vector Health. Zach begun with Vector Health 5 years ago, and over those five years, he has taken his weight from 90kg to 110kg. He has taken his vertical jump from 50cm to 75cm and his maximal squat from 120kg to 250kg. In this time he has broken various Australian power lifting records and has played representative Rugby Union for the Central Queensland Brahmans at 17yrs of age. During the time that Zach has trained at Vector Health, he has not sustained an injury that has kept him out of training for more than 1 session, which is a credit to the hard work Zach has put into his training and recovery.

The benefits of the Athletic Development and Performance program at Vector Health include:

  • Greater strength, speed and agility
  • Marked improvement in both coordination and motor skills
  • Increased confidence and discipline
  • Increased fitness and improved mental fitness

Our system is more than just lifting weights and testing. It is developing people as well as athletes. It empowers people and athletes to take charge of their body and use it the way it was intended!


Our Athlete Development and Performance program are perfect for any athlete no matter their fitness or experience level. The dedicated trainers will tailor the exercises and drills to suit you. Because every sport and athlete is different, we make sure you are getting what you need so you can achieve your personal fitness and athletic goals.

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