School Holiday Athletic Development Programs

9 – 13 Year Old Junior Athletic Development

We are looking for 24 athletes from ages 9-13 years of age to come and learn and develop key skills in speed, agility, strength and power and to help them translate this onto the playing court or field.

Training Dates: (9.30 am – 11:30am)

WEEK MONDAY Wednesday Friday


 10th Dec

7th Jan


 12th Dec

 9th Jan


 14th Dec

 11th Jan


Cost per week is $57.00 inc GST – Or if you book both weeks 10% discount will be provided.

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Netball Performance Clinic – (Only 20 spots available)

We are looking for players from ages 13 – 15 years of age who want to learn how to prevent injuries, to improve physical capacity for netball and who want to learn how how to put what they do off the court for strength, fitness and speed into on-court performance.  

 Training Dates:        As outlined below. 





10th Dec

17th Dec

Running sessions  4.30pm – 5.15pm

South R’ton High School

 4th Dec

 11th Dec

18th Dec

Coaching Session  5.30pm – 7pm


6th Dec

 13th Dec

20th Dec

Coaching Session  5.30pm – 7pm

Plus – Unlimited unsupervised visits to Vector Health and Performance during this time to work on program that will be set by coaches.

Guest Coach – Special sessions (times and dates to be determined) for netball specific work.

Cost is $66.00 inc GST for the whole program over the three weeks. (Only 20 spots available).

*Please request an information sheet for further information on session locations and coaches.

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