Athlete Off-Season Program

This is a program that is about you, where you get to train in a group of people who are all the same. Its about self-discovery, self-belief and self-improvement.

We will find out what you can do to be better, and teach you how to do that. We will find out your strengths and teach you how to build on them, and we will teach you how to train like a champion.

You can be a professional, or an amateur, it does not matter. We deliver what YOU need, and want and make your experience worthwhile.

An off-season is about rebuilding and improving on your baseline. Our approach is to fix injury concerns whilst finding a way to train around them to start. Our main goal is to get you 100% ready for pre-season in the best shape of your life.

You do not have to be an athlete in a traditional sport to do this. You could be someone who loves Crossfit, but who is spending too much time on the injury wagon, you could be a gym addict who cannot bench press because of a niggling shoulder, or you can be a runner who has chronic heel, foot, shin pain, or a hamstring injury that just will not go away.

Or, you could be a professional athlete, who needs a 6 week plan to create some magic next season.

Delivery options of the program:

1. Full face to face
2. Face to Face with online or virtual component
3. Full virtual component

Program duration:

Minimum duration is 6 weeks commitment and maximal duration is up to 3 months duration.

Program commitments:
Your competing priorities dictate your commitment to the program. We take a detailed history including your time commitments currently to help us design the program that is best suited to work for you.

When does the program start?

Starts from 1 October of each year till End December. (for most contact sports).

For individual sports and individual athletes, this program is run year round on an individual level.

We do not do set training times except for running and conditioning sessions that we offer. We figure that most of the hard work in redesign of your movement is needed in these sessions, especially running. Nothing is compulsory as such, its all about what is decided that you need to succeed.

Pre-season programs are coordinated by our Strength and Conditioning Team.

Head Coach, Glenn Hansen, with more than 15 years of experience heads up our pre-season program. Most of the face-to-face coaching is performed by our team, with Glenn overseeing the development and the design of programming for each athlete.

Each package includes as complimentary:

20min phone interview with Head Coach, Glenn Hansen to help take medical, injury and personal history including barriers to achieving goals and especially to help design our assessment procedures for you.

Baseline package includes:
1. Comprehensive assessment and testing session: 60mins $89
2. Nutrition assessment – completion of food diary (optional) COMPLIMENTARY
3. Education 6 week education program via email.
4. Report provided back to you with results of testing and assessment. $44
5. Program design for minimum 6 weeks up to 3 gym-based sessions and 3 other sessions (running, conditioning, rehabilitation etc). $180
6. Membership to VHAP facility for 6 weeks $90 including free athlete group coaching sessions – running 1 x weekly and strength group 2 x weekly

TOTAL VALUE = $400 +

TOTAL cost = $55 per week for 6 weeks


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