Mums and Bubs Classes

Mums and Bubs: First Steps – Yeppoon

We are beyond excited to be able to bring this program to our mummas in Yeppoon! These are run on Monday mornings with our Physiotherapist Chloe Petith! Working on core strength and pelvic floor work to get your body moving again after birth.

Effect of Pregnancy on the Pelvic Floor | Chloe Petith

A number of factors contribute to weakening of the pelvic floor during pregnancy:1. Hormonal changes cause the pelvic floor (muscles and tissues) to soften and stretch;2. Weight gain;3. Straining with constipation; and4. Inappropriate pregnancy and postnatal exercises such as intense core abdominal exercises and high impact exercise (e.g. jogging). Benefits of Pelvic Exercises for Pregnancy …

Effect of Pregnancy on the Pelvic Floor | Chloe Petith Learn More »

Mums and Bubs: First Steps Class

Week 1! So excited to have the next round of Mums and Bubs coming through and allowing us to continue helping as many mums through this transition into motherhood! Working on stretching, pelvic floor and core strength to help these mommas start feeling more themselves again!

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