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Hi everyone, as you know Vector Health are doing a VHAP Challenge that will be run over 6-8 weeks starting the first week of November. Before this challenge starts I would like to share my personal results were achieved from this programming style for a 16 week block.

Over the course of 16 weeks eating around 4400 calories a day or twice the normal calorie intake for the day and training a compulsory 4 days a week with one optional day a week i achieved result that spoke for themselves. A starting weight of 82.7kg, muscle mass of 65.7kg and 15% body fat changed in 16 weeks to a massive 96kg of body mass, 72kg of muscle and a gain of 1% fat at 16%.

Overall a massive gain of 13kg body weight, 6-7kg of muscle with 1% body fat gain. I also noticed with the volume of training my numbers where going through the roof. Being strong already I was squatting 100 kilos for sets that then went to sets of 150kg by around week 12-13.

I will be taking part in the up-coming VHAP challenge and changing the diet back to a lean mass gain. I am hoping to cut back to 85kg and hit single digit body fat % and lifting the same numbers as normal.

Callum Robertson    –  VHAP Coach

Pro tips for muscle gaining – Meal prep is key

– Sleep is vital

– High calories = Anabolic state

– Drink plenty of water

– Eat a good and post workout meal

– Eat enough good fats, avocado, fish, eggs etc.…



Want to take part in the up-coming challenge? Or find out more information CLICK HERE

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