Bridget Nash

Bridget Nash

Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist

Place of Study:
Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (with Distinction) at Queensland University of Technology.

ESSA Member, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Exercise Scientist, Pilates Matwork Instructor, CSTD Accredited Dance Instructor, ASCA Member, ASCA Accredited Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Skills in your role:
When people ask me what an exercise physiologist is, I usually reply with…

“the same way a doctor or a pharmacist might prescribe medicine to manage a condition or presentation, I prescribe exercise to manage that same condition or presentation”.

My expertise is in the pathophysiology of diseases, and how acute or chronic exercise can alter these disease states. This allows me to use exercise as a means of “medication” to manage conditions that include hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, COPD, and emphysema; and use exercise for rehabilitative measures such as post injury or surgery.

Work experience in the industry:
2nd year Exercise Physiologist, Internship at PropelPerform, Internship at Science of Fitness, Dance Instructor (6years)

Favourite topic you have learnt about or want to learn:
I love learning about the biochemistry of exercise. How physiologically and chemically exercise influences our system. Especially in relation to mental health or disease progression.

What you most enjoy about your job:
Finding unique ways to make exercise fun for every person that walks in the door.

Top achievement to this date (professionally):
Still being early in my career I wouldn’t say I have one major “top” achievement. My small achievements come from my clients, and seeing their success due to their dedication with their exercise prescription whether that be returning to work post injury; returning to sport post-surgery; doing their first push up; achieving a higher score on their cardiac stress test; gaining scholarships in their chosen sports; or holding a front plank for 30seconds for the first time. 

Skateboarding, going to the beach and training at the gym.

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