PINC & STEEL Program Physiotherapy – Giving women and men with cancer strength!

The PINC Program is a physiotherapy based rehabilitation and fitness program for men and women with cancer. The benefits of regular exercise and healthy lifestyle practices for cancer survivors are well reported and yet many survivors are insufficiently active. Miche Hansen – Senior Physiotherapist has completed the required training and is now a PINC Certified …

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Exercising in the heat

When you are exercising at moderate to high intensities the muscles demand blood to supply energy to exercise. The body therefore shuts down blood flow to other regions to allow an increased flow to the muscles.   In the heat our cooling mechanism is managed by increasing blood flow to the skin so the body …

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Odell Manuel - Bench Pressing at Vector Health using a GymAware to monitor bar velocity

Why velocity? 

So, you have a program and you are going along well, and all of a sudden, you are experiencing a lot of frustration as you cannot break through what you think is a plateau in strength.  You are pushing really hard, your are trying to lift more each week and everytime you come to test, …

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Why do we need hamstrings?

Hamstring Strength – and some information about Hamstrings and their importance! “People tend to ask why do we need our hamstrings and what are their role within the body.” What are the Hamstring/s? The hamstring muscle is built up of 3 muscles, biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus. These muscles work together to produce and control …

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