Are you wanting your kids to continue enjoy rugby league?

Are you wanting your kids to continue enjoy rugby league? Maintain longevity in their sport? Reduce injuries?

Rugby league is a very high intense contact sport, that requires a great level of agility, aerobic fitness, speed, strength and power for both senior and adolescent rugby league players. The demands of positions on the rugby league field vary, with forwards being more involved in tackles and physical collisions than backs during the course of a match.

With a strong focus on adolescent players, these demands can lead to injuries with over 40% of injuries in rugby league have been found to be muscular strains, 30% are sprains, dislocations, fractures, lacerations and overuse injuries. Reducing the occurrence of injuries has been found important due to studies finding an annual dropout of sport due to injury of 8%.

These are the main reasons that drives our Sport Performance Coach, Rachel, to encourage correct movement patterns, mobility, core strength, strength training and general body awareness within adolescents in Rugby League.

Check out the great time-lapse video of Exercise Science Coach Rachel Warcon‘s Rugby League performance coaching session!


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