Why we do the Antenatal Program

Chloe Petith, one of the Physiotherapist here at Vector Health, talks us through our new antenatal program. In this video Chloe will give you a rundown on what we’re doing in the class from the exercises, to the reasons why and a little bit about pregnancy and your antenatal changes throughout your pregnancy.
A few common changes that happen to your body throughout pregnancy:
– Anterior pelvic tilt
– Increased lumbar lordosis
– Pubic symphysis widening
– Ligamentous laxity
– Weight gain > increased joint load

With all these physiological changes within the body, you have to alter the way you train to accommodate these changes. And that’s when we come in handy!! We have specifically created and tailored an antenatal exercise program considering these factors. This program is to allow new mums to be able to exercise with specific exercises and program progressions that will span over the course of the 6 week block. We always keep in mind that the exercises are to decrease the discomforts that come with pregnancy. It can also help with labor and assist with your postpartum recovery!

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