Antenatal Program

Lil Kicks – Exercise Physiologist led Program

Antenatal Program – Lil Kicks

Are you pregnant? Wanting to continue or start exercising in a safe manner while prepping your body for birth? We can help! 

These classes are brilliant as you can exercise in a safe manner – especially if you have any pre-existing pains or discomforts that come along with being pregnant (lower back pain, thoracic pain, hip pain, pelvis pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, etc.) 

What will be covered in each class?

Each class includes pregnancy specific and tailored exercises to help manage, relieve and treat the common and not so common pains and discomforts that you may experience during your pregnancy.

  • The classes are aimed at maintaining optimal function, strength and mobility as your pregnancy progresses.
  • We practice safe and correct core and pelvic floor bracing and conditioning to promote ideal postpartum recovery.
  • We have specific exercises to assist with abdominal separation.
  • Overall conditioning to assist with labour 
  • Your mind is kept at ease that you are practicing appropriate antenatal exercises that are safe for both you and bub! BONUS: you are supervised by qualified clinicians that can assist you at any given time! 
  • Increases confidence that you are keeping yourself and bub happy and healthy! 

Some physiological changes that happen during pregnancy:

  • Anterior pelvic tilt 
  • Increased lumbar lordosis
  • Pubic symphysis widening 
  • Ligamentous laxity 
  • Weight gain > increased joint load 

With all these physiological changes within the body, you have to alter the way you train to accommodate these changes. And that’s when we come in handy! We have specifically tailored an antenatal exercise program considering these factors. 

What will happen during the classes?

  • 45 minute classes
  • Clinical pilates based program 
  • Mat work and reformer work 
  • Pregnancy safe Cardiovascular fitness 
  • Strength, stability and conditioning
  • Mobility work 
  • Tailored to each stage of pregnancy and tailored to you for your current needs

3 week packages to be paid when signing up and ongoing.
Monday and Wednesday’s at 5pm.
1 day a week – $30
2 days a week – $50

Happy to chat about package span as we come up closer to your due date.

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