Rachel Warcon

“I understand the feeling of empowerment in what exercise, sport and any type of physical activity can have on an individual, group or team. Fitness in general has made a huge impact on my life and I love nothing more than providing quality coaching services to those who not only want it, but also who need it.”

Being very culturally minded and driven, it is my passion to encourage and deliver a positive message around health and fitness to indigenous and islander communities in the Central Queensland Region.  The team at Vector Health and Performance provide the right environment and activities that are now enabling me to work towards establishing regular programs to deliver to the people that I am so passionate about.

Being exposed to a number of different environments through personal experiences and coaching has only strengthened my development and commitment to ensure I cater to each client’s individual needs. It is important to acknowledge each accomplishment or achievement throughout their training program as this can assist in developing their own confidence and motivation to continue to work towards any future goals.

Having completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University in Townsville I was presented with the opportunity to work with the Townsville Mendi Blackhawks in their strength and conditioning team.  Having had this amazing opportunity, I built on my knowledge base and landed a position here with the team at Vector Health and Performance. Although I have already completed my Level 1 Sport Trainer and Level 1 Boxing Fitness, I have also chosen to my training for Level 1 ASCA and will be completing it soon!  

I pride myself on being an ambassador for women in a sometimes-male orientated environment. Where I enjoy working with already established or up and coming athletes in sports such as Rugby, Hockey, and Track and Field and provide them with focused training programs. This allows me to educate and establish a solid foundation and ensure we are working as a team towards their future goals!  

It doesn’t matter what goals you have set, if you are willing to apply yourself, work hard and show passion then you are already on the way to achieving them! If you are committed to improving your performance and have respect for the activities you are undertaking it helps create a much more enjoyable training experience for you.  

Rachel Warcon – Performance Coach / Sport Scientist