Harry Gambling

“I love watching my clients work hard and develop their confidence through exercise. If they believe in my coaching enough that they apply the methods and work hard then there is no doubt we can identify further goals and achieve them!”

It is important for clients to feel as though they are receiving the most out of each session. I pride myself on offering a friendly, enjoyable and sometimes humorous training environment. Where, there is the science, education, hard work and commitment applied, but with my own personal touch. At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy what you’re doing, which will in turn see you returning and striving for further goals!

My involvement with Rugby for 14 years has enabled me to see the numerous benefits that sport can bring to people’s lives. When the opportunity to work with the team at Vector Health and Performance presented, I knew it would allow me to combine two passions into one unreal job.

There is no doubt that experiences provided through sport have developed my coaching goals and aspirations. One goal in particular, is to assist my clients in developing a lifelong love of sports and fitness.

I believe that engaging and showing a positive attitude in all we do can almost guarantee success in all that we do. If I am able to form a positive bond with my clients and maintain an enjoyable training session from start to finish it will establish each client’s confidence for now and in the future!

My attitude has always been; the more you put in, the more you get out! Working with Glenn Hansen has provided me with not only a Manager but also a Coach who genuinely cares about his staff, his clients and his business. With my dedication and his backing, I plan to further my studies after completing my ASCA Level 2.

Harry Gambling – Junior Strength and Conditioning Coach