Callum Robertson

A clients performance doesn’t improve by chance, it improves by dedication and change.

I find it truly fulfilling to provide a coaching service where I have the opportunity to develop and deliver individualised training programs for people from various walks of life.

Although sport and fitness has evolved over the years, the need to be constantly focusing on the elements that truly deliver top coaching and performance hasn’t. I pride myself on delivering an engaging coaching style in a friendly training environment. Where I will endeavour to greet each customer with a friendly smile and utilise my enthusiasm and knowledge base to ensure my clients are achieving successful results.

One of the main elements the team here at Vector Health and Performance focus on is individualised and specific programs that are catered to each clients requirements and goals. It’s a rewarding opportunity to work as part of this team and have clients who are dedicated to improving their fitness and lifestyle. A clients performance doesn’t improve by chance, it improves by dedication and change.

As a coach I must have the knowledge and ability to adapt my behaviour and coaching style to each situation and client. In doing this I am able to provide the most motivating and successful sessions. It is an amazing opportunity to work with Glenn Hansen who is one of best Performance Coaches in Central Queensland as it provides me with ongoing leadership, education and training on a daily basis. This in turn improves my quality of coaching and provides me with leadership styles to follow in the future. I truly believe that leading by example and being proactive in my approach to coaching and clients guarantees successful results and returning happy and motivated clients.

Vector Health and Performance is now stocking a range of nutrition supplements and this excites me as it is something that I look forward to educating and providing information on in the future. This is just something additional to the already awesome coaching service that myself and the rest of the team provide for your success now and in the future.

Callum Robertson – Junior Performance Coach