“We have a great team….while we get a lot of work done we also have a lot of fun.”

As a team, we pride ourselves on ensuring your first point of contact with Vector Health and Performance is enjoyable and welcoming. Our goal is to successfully think on the spot and use each other’s knowledge to adapt to pressure and stretch our skills beyond job descriptions to tackle any unexpected task with ease. As we oversee the day-to-day operations of this amazing workplace nothing gives us more pride and enjoyment than seeing regular clients make an achievement or reach a goal. Of course this could not happen without our specialist team of coaches, whom we work closely with to ensure we are delivering the positive service you as our clients’ deserve.

Each of us with a strong background in varying administrative, accounts and media roles form a team that uses the ability to cross train to further develop skills and knowledge. We strive to ensure that everyone we come in contact with feels appreciated, respected and understood. Our ability to work as a team creates an environment that is knowledgeable, positive and generates radiance for Vector Health and Performance.

Whether it is a smiling face, small chat or positive encouragement you can be sure that when you visit, we as a team will provide all and more. We are constantly on the look out for innovative ideas that will benefit Vector Health and Performance and help us continually improve as a business and quality provider to you – our clients.

Kate Dyne – Office Manager

Nicole French – Accounts