Ability to hold positions that relate back to swimming…

One of the things in the gym that is really important for swimmers is the ability to hold positions that relate back to swimming. 

The Horizontal Behind Head Press (Prone Scarecrow Press) is one of the movement patterns we work on for especially swimming athletes. 

So, Tommy has been in the gym for less than 6 months. He is one of our stronger, younger athletes. To load this exercise takes great posterior shoulder strength. Very impressed when Tommy was trying this, as hiscontrol was excellent. 

So, what we are after with this exercise is the biggest or longer range of motion through scapula elevation and depression, which mimcs in a way the longest part of the catch position in stroke. 

I start with a broomstick, add load, then go back to one DB at a time, then use bands, then get athletes to do it in a prone position – over a bench – where they need to hold a significant portion of their bodyweight up over the bench. 

The reason for this is we are trying to work on the position to get their top of shoulders out of water, to promote the best catch position possible. 

We are doing this by building the STRENGTH to get into position and the ENDURANCE to hold the position. Swimming coaching then hopefully takes this strength and transforms it to better swimming technique! 

Well done Tom! Great demonstration for your first time ever! 

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#VHAP Owner and Head Coach – Glenn Hansen

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